Same Day Sick Visits

The Importance of Same-Day Sick Visits In Greensburg, New Kensington, PA

When you or a loved one falls ill, your entire focus turns to help them feel better. While minor injuries and illnesses will go away on their own without treatment, it’s also important to know when it’s time to turn to a physician. Here at Community Health Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing same-day sick visits to those who need immediate care here in Greensburg and New Kensington, PA. We don’t think patients should have to wait to feel better.

Get Care When You Need It

Whether your child has developed a fever, or you think you might have a stomach bug, these issues may warrant seeing a doctor as soon as possible. Here at Community Health Clinic, you don’t need an appointment to see a doctor on the very same day. Our walk-in clinic makes it possible for children, teens, and adults to get treated the very same day that symptoms arise.

We Treat Most Health Problems

Dealing with complications of a chronic health problem? Dealing with an acute infection? Whether you are dealing with an injury or an acute or chronic disease, our doctors can help. As long as you or your child aren’t dealing with a true medical emergency, we can treat everything from pinkeye and sprains to burns and urinary tract infections.

We Treat All Ages

We have a variety of doctors on-site that make it possible to provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages living in and around the Greensburg and New Kensington, PA, areas. We know how to treat and care for babies and infants just as well as we can adults and seniors. You never outgrow our clinic.

No Appointment Required

One of the benefits of turning to our practice is that we offer regular checkups and wellness visits, as well as walk-in care when urgent health problems require medical attention. This means that you can walk right into our clinic without an appointment and be seen by a doctor as quickly as possible. We also offer after-hours emergency care to our patients (all you have to do is call our clinic to talk to our on-call doctor).

If you need to see a doctor about a fever, rash, or other health problems then call Community Health Clinic or just come into our walk-in clinic (no appointment necessary). For the Greensburg PA office, call (724) 204-1801 . To reach the New Kensington PA office, call (724) 335-3334 .