When To See Your Primary Care Physician In 2021
By Community Health Clinic
April 16, 2021
Category: Health

Your primary care physician is your first contact with the healthcare system. However, you don't have to wait till you're ill to visit your primary care physician at the Community Health Clinic in Kensington, Greensburg, and Vandergrift, PA.

When You Notice Suspicious Symptoms

Primary care doctors serve as your first stop for healthcare when you notice any new symptoms. If you are experiencing fevers, headaches, trouble breathing, rashes, or even a cough, it would be best to report to the Community Health Clinic closest to you to consult our skilled doctors.

During the consultation, the doctor will request your medical history and take note of your symptoms. They might proceed to request tests that will guide them in making the appropriate diagnosis.

Your diagnosis and medical history determine your prescribed treatment. However, if your condition is beyond the scope of the facility, you could get a referral to a specialist for care.

To Manage Chronic Conditions

If you already have a diagnosis for chronic conditions like hypertension, asthma, or diabetes, then routine visits to your primary care physician are essential. The doctors at the Community Health Clinics in New Kensington, Greensburg, and Vandergrift, PA, will provide you with the best treatment plan to manage your condition.

These routine checkups with your doctors will also help monitor the progress of your condition and the effectiveness of current therapies.

After an Accident

Your personal doctor would be the best person to reach out to right after an accident. Even for simple accidents like a fall, calling the Community Health Clinics for advice from your doctor can save you from needing serious procedures later.

For Medical Advice

Are you looking to lose weight, quit smoking, or start a new diet?

Your Kensington, Greensburg, and Vandergrift, PA, primary care provider at the Community Health Clinic is in the best place to provide you with accurate medical advice as you work your way towards your health goals. They take into account your current health status before making recommendations.

Other topics that you can discuss during your consultation include coronavirus vaccines, coronavirus tests, or information about medical conditions.

If you need immediate medical care or are simply looking for medical advice, you can walk in, or book an appointment at the Community Health Clinics in New Kensington, Greensburg, and Vandergrift, PA, by calling 724-335-3334.