The Importance of a Primary Care Physician
By Community Health Clinic
March 04, 2021
Category: Health

Find out why turning to a doctor regularly could help you maintain optimal health.

While you may only think about turning to your doctor when you’re sick or injured, you can still benefit from going to a primary care physician even when you feel great. While you can certainly do a lot to keep yourself healthy, our New Kensington, Vandergrift, and Greensburg, PA, primary care physicians can also provide you with preventive care and recommendations that support your health. We provide a swift diagnosis and treatment plan to help you feel better fast. If you don’t currently have a PCP, here’s why you should.

Your PCP is the First Doctor You’ll Turn to

Whether you are dealing with health problems or you need to get your annual flu shot in New Kensington, PA, your primary care physician is going to be the first doctor you turn to for both preventive care and medical treatments. If the condition you’re dealing with requires a specialist’s care, then your PCP will refer you to a specialist. However, most specialists won’t allow you to schedule appointments until you see your PCP first, which is another reason that having a family doctor that you turn to regularly for care is crucial.

Your PCP Focuses on Prevention

Preventing disease is actually far easier than we realize. Plus, it’s definitely far more cost-effective to visit your PCP every year to make sure that everything is healthy than it is to simply see a doctor once problems arise and you need to undergo treatment or start using prescription medications for the rest of your life. Preventing problems now can prevent long-term issues and complications in the future, and your PCP can be an integral part of that preventive care.

Seeing your PCP Could Be Kind to Your Wallet

We all know that many people don’t visit the doctor as often as they should because they are concerned about the cost. However, most preventive checkups with your PCP are covered by your health insurance. Plus, these preventive screenings and routine checkups can also identify problems early when they are either treatable or far easier to manage.

The CDC reports that chronic diseases that could have been avoided if people had simply sought preventive care from a doctor account for 75 percent of the nation’s healthcare spending. If everyone in the US received the recommended preventive care, the healthcare system could save over 100,000 lives a year.

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