Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Services In Greensburg, New Kensington, PA: How a Counselor Can Help You

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Behavioral Health Services Include:

  • Counseling with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Wellness Guidance
  • Case Management
  • Coordination of Care
  • Peer Support Services
  • Community Education and Outreach

Life is full of ups and downs, and while you may turn to vices to help ease the pain and discomfort, a healthy alternative would be to consider talking to a qualified counselor. Our counselors can provide you with viable strategies to improve habits and behaviors that can help you cope more effectively. Talk to a staff member at Community Health Clinic in Greensburg and New Kensington, PA.

How does a counselor help?

A counselor offers a variety of care and services, including:

  • Assessing symptoms and providing a proper diagnosis
  • Pinpointing negative attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs that may be holding someone back
  • Providing comfort and support to patients in crisis
  • Providing patients with a safe space to talk about their feelings and problems
  • Providing referrals or recommending other helpful treatment options such as support groups
  • Helping people work through career issues such as financial problems or job loss
  • Helping those who are dealing with substance abuse issues or gambling
  • Helping patients set goals for treatment and life (whether personal or professional)

While our licensed clinical social workers can provide counseling to everyone from children and adults to couples and families, we cannot prescribe medication. The good news is that we also have a team of doctors here at Community Health Clinic that can provide you with any prescriptions you may require under the recommendation of one of our counselors. This means that you can get the comprehensive behavioral and mental health care you need under one roof.

When should I consider seeing a counselor?

Most people assume that counseling is only for people dealing with loss, grief, and other issues; however, you may also want to see a counselor because you are feeling lost in life, or want to discuss financial problems, or need someone to help you determine your next steps career-wise. There are many reasons people turn to counselors. It may be time to consider counseling in Greensburg or New Kensington PA, if:

  • You have poor coping mechanisms (e.g. turning to alcohol or overeating when you feel stressed)
  • You are having issues with work due to your mood
  • You are isolating yourself and avoiding friends and family
  • You don’t have a strong support system
  • Others have voiced concern about your mental health or wellbeing
  • You feel lost or hopeless
  • You're suddenly dealing with more physical complaints such as aches and pain, poor sleep, lack of appetite or stomach problems
  • You’re ready to take charge of your mental health and your life

If you are feeling anxious, depressed, or dealing with loss, our clinicians can provide you with counseling and support here in Greensburg and New Kensington, PA. Call Community Health Clinic today. For the Greensburg PA office, call (724) 204-1801 . For the New Kensington PA office, call (724) 335-3334 .